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How Will You Meet Your 2011 Goals?

OK, so it’s October…It’s Fall…Do your thoughts turn to dry brown leaves, cooler days, holidays and gatherings with friends and family?

OR as a business person, do your thoughts turn to the fact that you haven’t met your 2011 goals and you only have 3 months left to do so?

As a commercial from way back used to say…”So what’s a mother to do?” (or in this case, what are YOU to do?)

Well, as the owner of a graphic design business, I’ve been thinking the same thing (although I have to admit I almost bought some Candy Corn the other day….That once-a-year purchase that I eat til I feel awful, and then I don’t do it again til next October…After all, it’s tradition!)

But I digress…One thing that I am going to do is touch base with all the clients I’ve done business with in the past.  I want to remind them that Designer Mouse is available to help with their promotion…To help them meet those 2011 goals.  I plan to utilize email marketing and make a monthly connection. For a reasonable investment in time and money, you could do the same.

Follow ups could include a postcard, a personal note (an art that has gone by the wayside!) or a phone call.

Provide an incentive. Offer a discount. Do something to get your clients to reconnect. Or simply connect to see how that individual and their business is doing.  Just a reminder that you’re available to help them meet their goals can go a long way.

So those are my ideas…What are yours? Please share your thoughts for the benefit of all! I look forward to your comments.


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Money Saving Ways To Promote Your Business

There are so many avenues to promote your business…so which way do you turn? You need to think about how your audience gets their information…Direct mail? Google searches? Social Media? Emails? And of course there’s always the good old fashioned  “in person” approach.  All are of value and ideally, you need to cover all the bases in order to reach the largest audience.

Now we come down to budget and time…Show of hands…How many of you have an endless supply of money to promote via print, email, online, social media?  How many have time to keep up with all of this?

What I have discovered is that baby steps are the best way to go. Most of us cannot do it all all at once BUT if you take the attitude that “I can’t do it” and do nothing at all, then six months from now you will be at the same place you are now. If on the other hand you tackle one thing at a time, looking back, you’ll be amazed at what you’ve accomplished and how far you’ve come.

So let’s look at the baby steps you can take to cover the areas that are currently not covered when it comes to the promotion of your products and services. Hopefully I can provide some money saving promotion ideas along the way.

Direct mail – Postcards, flyers, door hangers – The cost of full color printing has come down so much over the last few years. You can get a good looking piece for a decent price if you know where to shop! And if you go the “door hanger” route, find an organization (Boy Scouts? Youth Groups? etc.)  that is looking to raise money. They can canvas a neighborhood, raise money at an inexpensive rate…It’s a WIN-WIN situation.

Check into QR Codes… Here is a sample just in case you don’t know what it is. If you have a reader app on your phone, you can scan this image and it’ll take you to a website, dial a phone number, etc.  Go ahead and try it…This is a shameless plug…This QR Code goes to the Designer Mouse website….Be sure to come back and read the rest of this post! qrcode

Add a QR Code to your business card (so easy to create – just do an online search for “QR Code generation”, follow the steps and you’ll have artwork in a matter of minutes.

Email Marketing – For $15/month, you can create a template and put out an endless number of eNewsletters/ePostcards to connect with current and potential clients. Visit http://www.constantcontact.com or http://www.icontact.com. Both sites provide templates, storage for your email list and reports at an affordable price.

Online promotion – Do you have a website? You need one! People need to be able to find you and be able to check you out! How about a blog? If you set this up yourself, you can do it for free… The cost is your time to maintain it! Link your blog to your website and your social media profiles, and begin to generate a buzz!

Speaking of  Social Media – facebook, LinkedIn, etc. – Include your website and blog URLs in your social media profiles, participate in the online chat, and generate some interest in you and your business.

As you can see, there’s all sorts of opportunity to promote your business… A bit overwhelming, huh.  Remember…baby steps…You don’t have to do everything NOW.  And you don’t have to do it all yourself. Remember that your time may be better spent focusing on your core business.  What is your time worth?  Would you be saving dollars in the long run by hiring an expert to assist you with your promotion?  All things to ponder.

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QR Code – The Print/Online Promotion Connection

You know, I thought most people knew about QR Codes. But apparently not.qrcode

I presented this image at a weekly networking meeting and got enough questions that I am compelled to discuss this further.  There are great opportunities for using a QR Code. Want someone to view your website? Want to send a text message? Want a phone call? A QR Code can prompt all of these and it’s SO SIMPLE!!!  Google “QR Code generator”, find a resource and take it from there.

You can put a QR Code on the back of your business card or on a newsletter prompting someone to visit your website or blog.

A realtor can place it on a “for sale” sign. If you drive by a home and would like a look inside, this code could take the visitor to a website that provides photos and more information regarding the property OR it could place a phone call back to the realtor.

Have a discount offer? How about utilizing the QR Code to send out a text message for your 1/2 off deal?

As I said originally, the QR Code is the print/online connection. You need the printed image on your promotional materials — business cards, flyers, newsletters, signage, etc. — Via your smart phone (yes, you need a smart phone), this image transports you online “for the REST of the story”…
That is what Paul Harvey would have said….For those of you who don’t know who Paul Harvey is, pull out your smart phone and click here.qrcode

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Email Marketing – The Constant Reminder that YOU ARE THERE!

You’ve gone to the mixer, the networking event, the business expo. You’ve collected lots of business cards and connected with potential customers who don’t need your product or service right now but very possibly could in the future.  promotion

So now what??  How do you follow up and make sure these individuals remember YOU when they do need your product or service?

What if you had a follow up system that reminded potential clients on a regular basis that you’re out there and ready to go.  Well one simple way is by setting up an email marketing program.

Quick notices…ePostcards…eNewsletters…These can be sent out on a regular basis to remind potential clients about your product or service.  You can offer discounts, provide valuable information, make sure they understand why they cannot live without your product!

This process can be set up so it is scheduled to go out automatically AND you can do this without the cost of printing or postage.

Remember, this is not just for potential customers…Email marketing can be used to simply say “hello” to current customers, to offer special discounts, etc…again, reminding them that you are there and available when they need you.

What happens if you don’t advertise?……………….Nothing! While your competition is cutting their marketing budget due to these economic times, take advantage of the void and get your message out there….and consider Email marketing. It is an inexpensive, efficient method of promoting your business.

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Friends Don’t Let Friends Do Their Own Graphic Design Work

Have you ever been handed a business card or brochure that screamed “homemade”?  You know…the one on the lightweight paper with the text that just doesn’t line up? The one decorated with clipart?

How about the website that is an online remake of the company’s brochure or an email that is just text rather than an online eNewsletter?

Regardless of how qualified these individuals are, their promotional materials say “not serious” or “hobby”.

iStock_000008200443XSmallNow the Flip Side…When you receive quality promotional materials, the message is  “experience” – “established” – “knowledgeable” – “credible”.  There is a consistent look between the printed materials, the website, and the email marketing materials. The logo and images are clean and the message is valuable and interesting.

The image you project with your promotional materials can make you appear larger than life…someone worth consideration.  A graphic designer can evaluate your requirements, develop a marketing plan, work within your budget and help you project a professional image.

So…Which message would you rather send…hobby? …or experienced and knowledgeable?

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3 Reasons to Hire a Graphic Designer

What’s in it for you?  What’s the value?  Why hire a graphic designer?dollar

#1 A graphic designer can give you a variety of ideas on how to promote your business and can work within your budget. This includes branding your business, direct mail pieces, email marketing campaigns, website development and more.

#2 Color formulas and resolution are quite different between print and online marketing. A graphic designer has invested in the tools and has the knowledge to set up artwork in the correct format so you get quality promotional materials.ClockFace

#3 Work ON your business…not IN your business. If you are developing a newsletter or a postcard, you will probably spend entirely too much time…time that could be spent focusing on the business itself. A graphic designer has the expertise to help you market your product or service in an efficient, cost effective manner.

So what’s the benefit?

Effective Business Promotion – Cost Savings – Time Savings


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Why Pay for Postage/Printing When You Can Promote Via Email?!

Marketing cycle sketchMarketing your business used to be accomplished mainly through word-of-mouth referrals or the printed piece. Now I have NOTHING against the personal referral. In fact I suspect that is the BEST promotion you can receive….And printed postcards and newsletters can be very powerful as well. The advantage of email marketing is the elimination of printing costs and postage.

Since it takes several hits to get your customers or potential customers to respond, the printed piece needs to be mailed out multiple times to be effective…The same message in email form can provide the same content as the printed piece, include photos, logos, graphs, etc. and color…lots of color…and can be delivered as often as you like…weekly, monthly, etc.

Once you begin your email marketing program, you can use the same template and just change the message or offer. That consistent look allows the viewer to recognize the sender at a glance.

Consult with a professional graphic designer regarding content for your ePostcard or eNewsletter.  The designer knows color and layout and can provide a piece that will save you $$$$$$$$$$$$ and increase your visibility on a regular basis.

Next blog….The ability to track the results and effectiveness of your email marketing program…Stay Tuned!


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