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Graphic Designer – PATIENCE is my Middle Name

The graphic design process is not simple.  It is not something that is quickly accomplished.  It is just that….a “process”.  And many times in that process is a lot of trial and error…Well, not really “error”… The process is one of getting inside your client’s head…Figuring out what floats their boat!

Many times in the “process”, I have clients apologize for saying, “yeah, that’s close, but not quite what I was looking for.”

I’ve also heard “I have NO idea what I want but I’ll know it when I see it.”

Well that opens up the entire world! As I said, the process becomes one of getting inside the client’s head, evaluating their personality, their likes and dislikes, their sense of humor (which I LOVE to work with!), their target market, the marketing approach, their expectations, etc.

It is only at that point that the physical design begins. If for instance you need a concept for a marketing campaign but have no idea what you want…As a graphic designer, I would go through the “get to know you” process mentioned before and then provide you with 2-4 quick concepts. They would be varied. At that point, we as a team begin to narrow down your likes and dislikes. This is where the fine tuning begins.

This is also where I usually hear the apologies for my client’s “picky-ness” and the fact that I’m “so patient.”   Yes, I am patient, but this process is part of the graphic designer’s job. Apologies are not necessary!!!

The creative process is actually quite fun…And the reward is when the final concept is “just what the client wanted.”

So don’t hesitate to work with a graphic designer because you have no idea what you want for a concept. We will work together and come up with something that will hit the mark and bring in more clients.


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Photo Editing Test…Was this Person Added to the Photo or Taken Out?

It’s amazing what can be done with Photoshop. You truly need to question any image you see.

So here’s your test…Between the following two photos, there is one extra individual..Was this individual ADDED to the photo or REMOVED?

I’d love to hear your your comments! I’ll let you know the answer in about a week.

In the meantime, if you are in need of some photo editing or photo restoration, get in touch!!!

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QR Code – The Print/Online Promotion Connection

You know, I thought most people knew about QR Codes. But apparently not.qrcode

I presented this image at a weekly networking meeting and got enough questions that I am compelled to discuss this further.  There are great opportunities for using a QR Code. Want someone to view your website? Want to send a text message? Want a phone call? A QR Code can prompt all of these and it’s SO SIMPLE!!!  Google “QR Code generator”, find a resource and take it from there.

You can put a QR Code on the back of your business card or on a newsletter prompting someone to visit your website or blog.

A realtor can place it on a “for sale” sign. If you drive by a home and would like a look inside, this code could take the visitor to a website that provides photos and more information regarding the property OR it could place a phone call back to the realtor.

Have a discount offer? How about utilizing the QR Code to send out a text message for your 1/2 off deal?

As I said originally, the QR Code is the print/online connection. You need the printed image on your promotional materials — business cards, flyers, newsletters, signage, etc. — Via your smart phone (yes, you need a smart phone), this image transports you online “for the REST of the story”…
That is what Paul Harvey would have said….For those of you who don’t know who Paul Harvey is, pull out your smart phone and click here.qrcode

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Friends Don’t Let Friends Do Their Own Graphic Design

graphic designerI am part of a networking group that is full of smart, creative people….all promoting their businesses. Every week we have our turn to give our 30-second commercial. Every so often as we go around the room, the commercials take on a theme that everyone picks up on.  One week, the printer said “friends don’t let friends do their own printing.”   Well, that started it….Everyone was following that theme…”friends don’t let friends represent themselves in front of the IRS, do their own computer repairs, make their own chiropractic adjustments…you fill in the blank…We all know that surrounding ourselves with experts rather than attempting to do everything ourselves helps us move forward!  It’s an issue of working ON the business rather than IN the business….It’s a entirely different perspective.

Well, friends don’t let friends do their own graphic design and there’s a good reason for that.  We’ve all been handed a business card or brochure that screams “homemade”!….thin paper stock, microperfs, text running across the fold, etc. A graphic designer has an eye for color and layout. They know the correct color formulas, file formats and resolution for print vs. online display.

Plus, hiring a graphic designer to produce your marketing materials saves you time to focus on your core business, thus saving you money!!!  You can spend HOURS creating your marketing materials or you can spend that same time doing what you do best and leave the task of promoting your products and services to the marketing professional.

Success happens when we surround ourselves with the right people that have the right skills and allow them to do their job! Don’t allow your friends to develop their own marketing materials unless that is their core competency….And don’t! don’t! do it yourself either…Guaranteed, you’ll save money and time by hiring the right individuals who will take you and your business to the next level.

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Logo POWER!!!

Quick…What are you thinking about right now???

Displayed is just a portion of the Coca-Cola logo and yet I suspect you are seeing a glass of Coke in your mind’s eye!

Can you see the benefit of a good logo? Consider that Coca-Cola uses the same image on EVERYTHING…from their advertisements to their products and packaging to signage and trucks…The same logo, the same look. Repetitiveness and consistency are the key to their branding.

Do YOU have a logo? If you do, is it displayed on ALL of your promotional materials? Is the look consistent?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, then consider updating your company’s promotion. When someone sees your logo, you want them to immediately think of your product or service. From your printed materials to your emails to your online presence….A graphic designer can provide you with the consistency in your advertising that will get you noticed!

Who knows, someday they may just see a portion of your logo and you will come to mind. Now that’s Power!

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Marketing Your Business…What Works for YOU?

We all have different approaches to marketing our businesses including direct mail, email marketing, social media, online marketing, person to person networking and on and on…And results will vary based on the type of business being promoted.

I know a handyman who puts magnetized business cards on the back of his truck along with a magnetic sign that says “Business Cards…Take One.”  Whenever he parks his truck (which displays his company name) at Home Depot, he always has cards taken by the time he’s done shopping… This is simple, inexpensive and gets results.

Now that approach would not be effective for graphic design, but as I said, different approaches for different businesses.  Over the past 15 years that Designer Mouse has been in business, the best resource for new clients has been through one-to-one networking.  This approach requires an investment both in time and dollars spent; but when I evaluate where my clients have come from, it generally has tied back to those personal connections.

So “inquiring minds want to know” what is your marketing success story?  What are your “Fresh Ideas”? What has worked for YOU and what type of business do you have?

Please participate by sharing your story in the comment section below…I look forward to hearing from you.

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Homemade is Good for Cookies and Quilts…Not Brochures and Business Cards!

You know, there are some things that are so much better if they’re homemade….cookies,  biscuits, knitted blankets, quilts.  BUT when it comes to your business promotion, homemade just doesn’t cut it.  Have you been handed a business cards with the lightweight stock and the micro-perf?  What about the brochure with the text that isn’t centered, has tons of clipart, and contains every text feature known to mankind….warped text, a variety of fonts!, multiple colors (and on and on and on!).  And email marketing…Which would you prefer…Plain text or a layout including photos, your company logo, links to your website and your blog…I hope the answer is obvious.

What you need is a professional look…a look that gives you credibility…It says “this a business, not a hobby.” To get that professional look and make your business credible, you need to invest in the services of a graphic designer. Someone who has a good eye for layout and has the knowledge for formatting artwork for use in direct mail and online marketing. Are you aware that there are different color formulas necessary for print and for the web?  Did you know that you cannot pick up an image off a website and use it in print? Online images have a low resolution which displays just fine on your website, but that same image will look pixelated in print.

So consider the services of a graphic designer as an investment in your business. Make sure there’s not doubt that you are in business….not simply nurturing a hobby.  Take your business seriously and others will do the same.

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