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Don’t Believe Anything You See – and other advice from a photo editor!

I just want to share a photo editing project. My client just got married…It was a simple, lovely wedding; and the bride’s only request was that everyone (family and wedding party) dress in black and white…Well, two people didn’t follow the rules…So Photoshop to the rescue!  Here’s the original photo. The gentleman on the left is in a blue jacket and khaki pants. Although you can’t see it too well, but the woman to his left has a rose colored top.

Like I said…Photoshop to the rescue…Here’s the updated version.NOW the wedding day was perfect!


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How to Potty Train a Water Turtle (and other opportunities to Think Outside the Box)

Did you ever have a pet water turtle as a kid? You know, the ones in the plastic bowl with the palm tree?  They never lasted too long….Well when my daughter was 5, she received a turtle at a birthday party instead of a goodie bag…It was just about the size of a 50 cent piece (wow, that dates me, doesn’t it!)…As a parent, I would have preferred she receive the goodie bag!

Anyway, that was 17 years ago and Sally the turtle is still with us…As you know, once you name them, they’re part of the family. ..and turtles are the dirtiest things!  Over the years, Sally has outgrown bowls and aquariums. I have cleaned more turtle containers than I care to mention!

Well, we decided to let Sally have the run of our laundry room rather than be cooped up in an aquarium all the time. We started providing a shallow pan of water.  We would put her in the pan and feed her and she would take care of the rest.

What began to happen was that Sally would get in the pan on her own when she was hungry. We’d feed her, she’d take care of business and then move on…The beauty of this is that cleaning out a small pan is so much easier than a large aquarium.

Did you know you could potty train a turtle?  Did you think turtles were that smart? I had no idea!

I know this is such a random story to tell, but believe me, there is a point…It’s about Thinking Outside the Box! At a networking seminar I recently attended, the concept of thinking beyond the obvious client opportunity was introduced. The question is: what type of business (that your competition hasn’t thought about yet) would be a good referral source for you? If this hasn’t occurred to your competition, then you are ahead of the game!

As a graphic designer and particularly one that is looking to build my photo restoration business, let me just throw out one idea….Again, this will seem random but stay with me…Morticians…..Now you’re asking “why would a graphic designer want to be introduced to morticians?”  Well, think about it. When someone is preparing for a service for the dearly departed, they put out a display of photos…Some are VERY OLD. They’ve been stuffed in a drawer, folded, torn…You get the picture (well actually, I hope I get the picture–ha ha).

They also might have a family photo where one person is missing from the group. They would be ever so grateful to have the entire family together in at least one picture.  See the lady in the striped shirt in the picture on the left?  Well, now she’s added to the photo on the right…plus she has feet!

Back to thinking outside the box…Morticians…Such an odd sounding referral opportunity, but a potential goldmine…And there are others. We all just need to think beyond the obvious.

Here’s another good tip…Figure out who you know that would have the same database of clients, non-competing of course. Who is their supplier of products they use?  What about the financial planners who want to meet those who have just received an inheritance? These are individuals who would love to share referrals—They are not your competition and they open new opportunities.

Just think about it…Outside the box, of course!

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Nothing to do with Graphic Design…Everything to do with Hummingbirds

We have a hummingbird next on our patio…It is wonderful…In my opinion, they have given me such a gift, so much joy!  I’ve taken several pictures and have spent time just watching and waiting for the next event.

Clearly, not everyone is as enamored with this blessed event…I heard my husband telling a group about a week ago…”Whatever you do, don’t ask Donna about her hummingbird pictures.” As I was joining the group, they were all chuckling…BUT I did find out who had the same love of nature that I have!

Anyway, it appears that one of the two babies has flown the coop (without even saying goodbye…So Sad!), but the second baby just can’t take the plunge.

I’ve promised myself that I will not bore anyone with anymore hummingbird pictures unless they beg!  So this is my last harrah…Here are a few photos that SOME of you will truly enjoy and others will tolerate (especially if you know me!) So ENJOY…

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Graphic Designer – PATIENCE is my Middle Name

The graphic design process is not simple.  It is not something that is quickly accomplished.  It is just that….a “process”.  And many times in that process is a lot of trial and error…Well, not really “error”… The process is one of getting inside your client’s head…Figuring out what floats their boat!

Many times in the “process”, I have clients apologize for saying, “yeah, that’s close, but not quite what I was looking for.”

I’ve also heard “I have NO idea what I want but I’ll know it when I see it.”

Well that opens up the entire world! As I said, the process becomes one of getting inside the client’s head, evaluating their personality, their likes and dislikes, their sense of humor (which I LOVE to work with!), their target market, the marketing approach, their expectations, etc.

It is only at that point that the physical design begins. If for instance you need a concept for a marketing campaign but have no idea what you want…As a graphic designer, I would go through the “get to know you” process mentioned before and then provide you with 2-4 quick concepts. They would be varied. At that point, we as a team begin to narrow down your likes and dislikes. This is where the fine tuning begins.

This is also where I usually hear the apologies for my client’s “picky-ness” and the fact that I’m “so patient.”   Yes, I am patient, but this process is part of the graphic designer’s job. Apologies are not necessary!!!

The creative process is actually quite fun…And the reward is when the final concept is “just what the client wanted.”

So don’t hesitate to work with a graphic designer because you have no idea what you want for a concept. We will work together and come up with something that will hit the mark and bring in more clients.

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Has this Model’s Photo been Edited? Are we Entitled to Know?

I have a dilema…I work in Photoshop…I love Photoshop. I tell people all the time that they shouldn’t believe everything they see because I know the capabilities of Photoshop. BUT I also am a female which means I deal with the pressure of the ideal body and the fact that I don’t measure up! I see the photos of models and wonder “how in the heck are they able to look like that?”  Well, according to the following video, the answer is “Photoshop!”

The question posed at the end of the video is “should retouching be banned?”  Well, there are lots of great things that can be done via photo editing that have nothing to do with models, females, body image issues, etc. So the answer to that question is “no”.

Do women already know that the images of the skinny models have been edited? I would suspect the answer to that question is “no” as well.

I believe the question should be one of the requirement of a disclaimer stating that the image has been altered.  Are we entitled to know that someone’s image isn’t as perfect as it seems? Would that have a positive impact on young girls (and older girls) who feel they don’t measure up?

What do you think? I’d love to hear your comments.

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Photo Editing Test…Was this Person Added to the Photo or Taken Out?

It’s amazing what can be done with Photoshop. You truly need to question any image you see.

So here’s your test…Between the following two photos, there is one extra individual..Was this individual ADDED to the photo or REMOVED?

I’d love to hear your your comments! I’ll let you know the answer in about a week.

In the meantime, if you are in need of some photo editing or photo restoration, get in touch!!!

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It’s Story Time – Colliding Photos Tell the Tale!

As I’ve said before, graphic design is the art of visual communication.  Here is a sample of the combining of two photos into one to tell a story.

The Orange Chamber of Commerce is celebrating their 90th anniversary this year and needed an image that reflected that message for the annual installation dinner artwork.

First, the VERY OLD photo of the historic City of Orange Plaza.

Next, a current photo of the Plaza.





And finally, a merging of the two.

You finally get the full impact of the message once the text and logos are added, so here is that final image.  This concept will be used for invitations, programs, slide shows, posters and more!

If you need to promote an event or convey a message, consider the impact of a single image and its ability to tell a story! A professional graphic designer can help you get your message across!

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