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How to find THIS Graphic Designer!

Want to be noticed? Want to be found?   Is the bullhorn not working?
I’d like to pass  along information that I will be sharing in a presentation at my weekly morning networking meeting….I’m hoping that my audience will say “WOW….What was that you said? How do I do this?” There is a method to my madness…Rather than repeat the details, I will direct them to my blog which will increase site traffic and hopefully raise my rankings… blah dee blah dee blah…You know the drill.  This is something we’re all striving to achieve.
Anyway, something I learned recently was how to see what keywords are being used in Google searches to find graphic designers (or anyone or anything else for that matter).
Here are the steps:
Do a Google search for “keyword tools.” Chances are you’ll find Google AdWords in the top ranking.

Follow the link and type in the keyword(s) you would like to research.

What you will learn is the how many people typed in “graphic design” as well as other  words and phrases that are similar and useful in your efforts to be noticed!  The information is provided globally and locally in a monthly tally.

So what do you do with this? Well I’d suggest you incorporate those popular terms into your blog, your website, even direct mail materials.

This will certainly give you the attention you deserve (or at least more than you’re getting right now!)….And you can lose the bullhorn!


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Photo Editing Test…Was this Person Added to the Photo or Taken Out?

It’s amazing what can be done with Photoshop. You truly need to question any image you see.

So here’s your test…Between the following two photos, there is one extra individual..Was this individual ADDED to the photo or REMOVED?

I’d love to hear your your comments! I’ll let you know the answer in about a week.

In the meantime, if you are in need of some photo editing or photo restoration, get in touch!!!

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Friends Don’t Let Friends Do Their Own Graphic Design

graphic designerI am part of a networking group that is full of smart, creative people….all promoting their businesses. Every week we have our turn to give our 30-second commercial. Every so often as we go around the room, the commercials take on a theme that everyone picks up on.  One week, the printer said “friends don’t let friends do their own printing.”   Well, that started it….Everyone was following that theme…”friends don’t let friends represent themselves in front of the IRS, do their own computer repairs, make their own chiropractic adjustments…you fill in the blank…We all know that surrounding ourselves with experts rather than attempting to do everything ourselves helps us move forward!  It’s an issue of working ON the business rather than IN the business….It’s a entirely different perspective.

Well, friends don’t let friends do their own graphic design and there’s a good reason for that.  We’ve all been handed a business card or brochure that screams “homemade”!….thin paper stock, microperfs, text running across the fold, etc. A graphic designer has an eye for color and layout. They know the correct color formulas, file formats and resolution for print vs. online display.

Plus, hiring a graphic designer to produce your marketing materials saves you time to focus on your core business, thus saving you money!!!  You can spend HOURS creating your marketing materials or you can spend that same time doing what you do best and leave the task of promoting your products and services to the marketing professional.

Success happens when we surround ourselves with the right people that have the right skills and allow them to do their job! Don’t allow your friends to develop their own marketing materials unless that is their core competency….And don’t! don’t! do it yourself either…Guaranteed, you’ll save money and time by hiring the right individuals who will take you and your business to the next level.

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Logo POWER!!!

Quick…What are you thinking about right now???

Displayed is just a portion of the Coca-Cola logo and yet I suspect you are seeing a glass of Coke in your mind’s eye!

Can you see the benefit of a good logo? Consider that Coca-Cola uses the same image on EVERYTHING…from their advertisements to their products and packaging to signage and trucks…The same logo, the same look. Repetitiveness and consistency are the key to their branding.

Do YOU have a logo? If you do, is it displayed on ALL of your promotional materials? Is the look consistent?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, then consider updating your company’s promotion. When someone sees your logo, you want them to immediately think of your product or service. From your printed materials to your emails to your online presence….A graphic designer can provide you with the consistency in your advertising that will get you noticed!

Who knows, someday they may just see a portion of your logo and you will come to mind. Now that’s Power!

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Save Money While Promoting Your Business

Don’t you just love the New Year…A new start…A clean slate…Well, it’s time to get down to business, so let’s start saving your business some money!

Need a Logo?

We all know a logo is important for your business…It should appear on EVERYTHING you put out there from your business card and brochures to your emails, blogs, and website. Ultimately, it’s important to work with a graphic designer that can set up your logo in the correct format for print and online purposes, but initially, you can save money if you have a logo concept in mind.  Even if you don’t have a specific design idea, providing your graphic designer with samples of logos you are partial to, colors you prefer, industry standards, etc., can save you time and money.

Email Marketing

Set up a  custom template for your business (using that important logo of course) and communicate your message, special discounts, announcements on a regular basis without the cost of printing and postage.

When you update your blog or your website, send everyone an email and encourage them to visit your site. This increases traffic to your sites and improves Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

For more information about email marketing, visit

Finally, Focus on What You Do Best!

Sometimes the smartest approach is to stay focused on your core competency and hire a professional to help promote your products and services…Initially you might feel you are increasing expenses, but if you are saving TIME to focus on your business, you are also SAVING MONEY!

Happy 2010 – May it be happy, healthy and prosperous!

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Expose Yourself through Email Marketing!

You’ve invested in a new website.  You post on your blog. You have SO MUCH to share!!!  You want to say “I’m Here … Notice Me!”

Now what?  What guarantee do you have that visitors will come to your site?

One way to “Expose Yourself”  is via email marketing. Your email promotion should include links to your website and blog…Make it EASY for visitors to find you.

Send out a notice to your address list when your website is launched.

Create a teaser to get viewers to your blog.

Announce it every time you create an update.

RememberTHE MORE TRAFFIC YOU GET TO YOUR BLOG AND WEBSITE, THE GREATER YOUR ONLINE STANDINGS. The search engines will find you and so will many others!"email marketing"

Email marketingAnother valuable item for your marketing toolbox!

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Is Email the New Junk Mail?

It used to be that the abundance of POSTCARDS and FLYERS received in your mailbox was considered JUNK MAIL.  Well now it seems we receive an abundance of EMAIL…to the point where you might be thinking of this as the junk mail of the 21st century!  In fact…that onslaught of  email you receive may make a direct mail piece in your mailbox look pretty good!

Well history tells us that things run in cycles and that includes what’s hot and what’s not in the world of promotion.  I suppose both direct mail and email marketing can be considered junk mail; HOWEVER, with each approach, a well designed marketing piece that is clever, unique, and eye-catching will be a powerful tool for promoting your business.

So whether you select the Direct Mail approach or the Email Marketing approach, just make sure you work with a professional graphic designer to create a promotion that will attract the attention of your future customers!

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