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It’s Story Time – Colliding Photos Tell the Tale!

As I’ve said before, graphic design is the art of visual communication.  Here is a sample of the combining of two photos into one to tell a story.

The Orange Chamber of Commerce is celebrating their 90th anniversary this year and needed an image that reflected that message for the annual installation dinner artwork.

First, the VERY OLD photo of the historic City of Orange Plaza.

Next, a current photo of the Plaza.





And finally, a merging of the two.

You finally get the full impact of the message once the text and logos are added, so here is that final image.  This concept will be used for invitations, programs, slide shows, posters and more!

If you need to promote an event or convey a message, consider the impact of a single image and its ability to tell a story! A professional graphic designer can help you get your message across!


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How come the photo I downloaded looks so blurry in print?

Have you ever copied an image off a website , pasted it into your file, printed it and were disappointed with the blurry results?

It looked fine on my computer monitor!!!

Well, there’s a reason for that…Online images look terrific at 72 dpi (dots per inch). This is fortunate, because the lower the resolution, the smaller the file…The smaller the file, the faster it displays online. If you’ve ever waited for a huge file to display on a website, you know what I’m talking about. Generally, unless it’s REALLY important, you don’t wait…You move along to another site.

When it comes to print, though, a crisp, clean image needs to be at least 300 dpi. 

As a graphic designer, I often receive “artwork” from clients that appears fine on their computer screen. They assume I’ll just be able to drop the image provided into a layout and go from there…If the image came directly off a website, chances are it is a very low resolution and will need editing.  Sometimes simply increasing the resolution and sharpening the image will do the trick; but in most cases, the original file is your best bet.

Bottom line, your graphic designer will be able to determine the quality of the image and the potential printed outcome before you go to expense of printing….so NO SURPRISES!

Surprises are great when it comes to parties, but when it comes to a print project, you want “WYSIWYG” (“What you see is what you get!”).

So work with a professional graphic designer. Take advantage of their knowledge and experience. It’s possible that individual learned the hard way and wants to save you that experience!

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Photo Editing–I can put your IN a photo or I can take you OUT!

Just want to share a photo editing sample. I was given two photos…black and whites from 1958.  Well, there was one individual that never seemed to be available for the family photo, so I was hired to add her into the photo.

Here are the two original photos.  Click on the thumbnails to get a better look…

See the woman in the striped shirt? Notice that her feet

(along with all others in that photo) are cut off.

And here is the rest of the family…

Now the final image, including the lady in the striped shirt…feet and all!

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