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Another reason you need a graphic designer….(aka Time is Money!)

I had a client with a logo file built in Illustrator…He was trying to reformat it as a pdf file and a jpeg file…Whenever he did this, the curves of the logo were VERY pixilated.

I was able to take that same file, and with a minor tweak reformat it as needed but without the jagged edges. Now the logo can be used in a variety of sizes and maintain the quality necessary.

THIS is what a professional graphic designer can offer.  It took a matter of minutes to reformat the file and saved my client TIME to focus on his core service.  This is a reminder to all of us (including myself) to enlist the assistance of professionals who know their stuff, thus saving us time….and as we all know, “time is money!”


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Would You Go to the Grocery Store and Leave Without Paying?

Of course not!  So why is it some people will hire a graphic designer, take the artwork to the production phase, and figure they don’t need to pay for the design work or that they can push out the payment terms, or they can renegotiate the price.  Well it’s wrong…It’s just wrong!

Imagine leaving the grocery store without paying.

How about picking up your dry cleaning and deciding to pay less than the predetermined amount?

This line of thought reminds me of a great video that illustrates my point and has fun doing it!  Enjoy!

What ever product or service you provide or hours you work at your place of business, YOU deserve compensation! Just remember…The graphic designer that designed your logo, built your website, developed your eNewsletter (and more) deserves compensation as well…And that means  payment in a timely manner.

Now the rest of the story…

Just as there are prices clearly posted for the green beans you pull off the shelf in your local grocery store,  a graphic designer has a responsibility to give you a good idea of the anticipated cost of a project before the work begins…Obviously graphic design is not as precise as the cost of a can of beans, but you are entitled to a good faith estimate and updates as the scope of a project changes. When you hire a graphic designer, be sure to discuss the details of the assignment and the quote itself. Discuss payment terms—C.O.D.? Net 15? Net 30?—For the estimate provided, discuss what the project includes and what it does NOT include.  Be prepared to pay a deposit for services to begin.

As you can see, there are considerations on both sides of the table when enlisting the services of a graphic designer.  Keeping these things in mind will minimize surprises and maximize your satisfaction with the final outcome.

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How much does it cost to design a logo??

This is a common question for graphic designers….How much? And the answer is “It depends.”

Do you have any idea what you want for a logo or no idea at all.  Do you have color preferences? Images you’d like to include?…One time I had a client say “I have no idea what I want, but I’ll know it when I see it.”  Well that opens up the entire world!

If you have NO idea for your company’s logo, my approach is to provide 2-4 quick ideas.  The point is to make the concepts as different as possible…Different styles, different colors, different fonts, etc.

From there, the next step is to get inside your client’s head and narrow down their likes and dislikes. The question is “of the concepts provided, what did you like and why?”  Maybe you like the color of one concept, the design of another and the font from a third.

At this point it’s time to fine tune the design based on the information gathered until the final design is established.

So when you question “how much?”,  keep in mind the variety of steps that could be involved in the design process.

Want to save money?  Consider that the more information you can provide on the front ent, the easier the process, the less time involved and the lower the cost.

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