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Turn Your Customers Into Your Sales Force

I just got a great idea from a client of mine. This is a carpet cleaner that is turning his customers into his sales force.  When he visits someone’s home and cleans their carpeting, he leaves a personalized postcard at the homes of the immediate neighbors…The card says something like “Your neighbor (FILL IN NAME HERE) just got their carpets cleaned by (CARPET CLEANER’S NAME). Come by and see how beautiful their home looks.”

If I needed my carpets cleaned, then I would certainly talk to my neighbor and see if they were happy with the service they received….And there it is, a personal referral…The BEST PROMOTION OF ALL.

We don’t all have a business where we go into someone’s home BUT consider what you could hand out to your customers (aka sales force) to pass along to their friends and business associates…Make it worth their while…If your customer hands out five promotional cards with some sort of discount offer and that becomes business for you, you could give your original customer a discount on their next purchase. Now they have a reason…a personal reason…to promote your business.

By the way, my carpet cleaning client says this method of promotion is one of his most effective.  He averages one new client for every ten cards he distributes…Pretty good odds for a very simple promotion.

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