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Friends Don’t Let Friends Do Their Own Graphic Design

graphic designerI am part of a networking group that is full of smart, creative people….all promoting their businesses. Every week we have our turn to give our 30-second commercial. Every so often as we go around the room, the commercials take on a theme that everyone picks up on.  One week, the printer said “friends don’t let friends do their own printing.”   Well, that started it….Everyone was following that theme…”friends don’t let friends represent themselves in front of the IRS, do their own computer repairs, make their own chiropractic adjustments…you fill in the blank…We all know that surrounding ourselves with experts rather than attempting to do everything ourselves helps us move forward!  It’s an issue of working ON the business rather than IN the business….It’s a entirely different perspective.

Well, friends don’t let friends do their own graphic design and there’s a good reason for that.  We’ve all been handed a business card or brochure that screams “homemade”!….thin paper stock, microperfs, text running across the fold, etc. A graphic designer has an eye for color and layout. They know the correct color formulas, file formats and resolution for print vs. online display.

Plus, hiring a graphic designer to produce your marketing materials saves you time to focus on your core business, thus saving you money!!!  You can spend HOURS creating your marketing materials or you can spend that same time doing what you do best and leave the task of promoting your products and services to the marketing professional.

Success happens when we surround ourselves with the right people that have the right skills and allow them to do their job! Don’t allow your friends to develop their own marketing materials unless that is their core competency….And don’t! don’t! do it yourself either…Guaranteed, you’ll save money and time by hiring the right individuals who will take you and your business to the next level.


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Beautiful Sky Enhanced with Photo Editing!

This photo was taken about a month ago…A beautiful Orange, California sky…What is fun is the ability to enhance what is already beautiful with Photoshop.

Click on the photos below for a larger version………and Enjoy!

ORIGINAL PHOTO                                            ENHANCED PHOTO

For additional photo editing samples, CLICK HERE.



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