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What Goes on in the Mind of a Graphic Designer?

Ramblings of a graphic designer…Saturday morning, my cat, Bailey, snoozing beside me, enjoying my morning coffee…

This past week I attended a seminar geared toward graphic designers….There were a bunch of people in one room with a similar outlook on the world. We see things in images…The line “A picture is worth a thousand words” hits home for us! As a side note, I’ve been told by my daughter that I see the world in a totally different way than most people—I think she wanted to say “normal” people, but she held back. Anyway, I’ve seen it several times when visiting fellow graphic designers…We have a collection of “toys” in our offices…They make us smile. People in other professions would not appreciate them. Back to the seminar…The theme was “Secrets Revealed”…and we were all “spies” discovering tips and tricks regarding the Adobe software line.  At the end of the event, there were drawings, all tied to the spy theme… I actually won a decoder pen…But what I really wished for was another prize…the nome! Like I said…we graphic designers like our toys. I began to think of the items I’ve collected over the years and would like to share them with you now:

Man on Toilet Tape Dispenser

A VERY LOUD Alarm Clock

The Squeezy Sumo Wrestler

The Easy Button

The Crazy Hair Guy

Halloween Pens

The book of creatures carved out of fruits and vegetables

And just a funny card…Stickman Striptease

I know ALL you graphic designers out there have some interesting items in your offices as well….Please share! And those of you who don’t have all these “toys”, I bet you wish you did! OK, I’m done with my ramblings…Still wish I’d won the nome…It would have been a nice addition to my collection.


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Logo POWER!!!

Quick…What are you thinking about right now???

Displayed is just a portion of the Coca-Cola logo and yet I suspect you are seeing a glass of Coke in your mind’s eye!

Can you see the benefit of a good logo? Consider that Coca-Cola uses the same image on EVERYTHING…from their advertisements to their products and packaging to signage and trucks…The same logo, the same look. Repetitiveness and consistency are the key to their branding.

Do YOU have a logo? If you do, is it displayed on ALL of your promotional materials? Is the look consistent?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, then consider updating your company’s promotion. When someone sees your logo, you want them to immediately think of your product or service. From your printed materials to your emails to your online presence….A graphic designer can provide you with the consistency in your advertising that will get you noticed!

Who knows, someday they may just see a portion of your logo and you will come to mind. Now that’s Power!

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