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Marketing Your Business…What Works for YOU?

We all have different approaches to marketing our businesses including direct mail, email marketing, social media, online marketing, person to person networking and on and on…And results will vary based on the type of business being promoted.

I know a handyman who puts magnetized business cards on the back of his truck along with a magnetic sign that says “Business Cards…Take One.”  Whenever he parks his truck (which displays his company name) at Home Depot, he always has cards taken by the time he’s done shopping… This is simple, inexpensive and gets results.

Now that approach would not be effective for graphic design, but as I said, different approaches for different businesses.  Over the past 15 years that Designer Mouse has been in business, the best resource for new clients has been through one-to-one networking.  This approach requires an investment both in time and dollars spent; but when I evaluate where my clients have come from, it generally has tied back to those personal connections.

So “inquiring minds want to know” what is your marketing success story?  What are your “Fresh Ideas”? What has worked for YOU and what type of business do you have?

Please participate by sharing your story in the comment section below…I look forward to hearing from you.


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Homemade is Good for Cookies and Quilts…Not Brochures and Business Cards!

You know, there are some things that are so much better if they’re homemade….cookies,  biscuits, knitted blankets, quilts.  BUT when it comes to your business promotion, homemade just doesn’t cut it.  Have you been handed a business cards with the lightweight stock and the micro-perf?  What about the brochure with the text that isn’t centered, has tons of clipart, and contains every text feature known to mankind….warped text, a variety of fonts!, multiple colors (and on and on and on!).  And email marketing…Which would you prefer…Plain text or a layout including photos, your company logo, links to your website and your blog…I hope the answer is obvious.

What you need is a professional look…a look that gives you credibility…It says “this a business, not a hobby.” To get that professional look and make your business credible, you need to invest in the services of a graphic designer. Someone who has a good eye for layout and has the knowledge for formatting artwork for use in direct mail and online marketing. Are you aware that there are different color formulas necessary for print and for the web?  Did you know that you cannot pick up an image off a website and use it in print? Online images have a low resolution which displays just fine on your website, but that same image will look pixelated in print.

So consider the services of a graphic designer as an investment in your business. Make sure there’s not doubt that you are in business….not simply nurturing a hobby.  Take your business seriously and others will do the same.

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