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Email Marketing – The Constant Reminder that YOU ARE THERE!

You’ve gone to the mixer, the networking event, the business expo. You’ve collected lots of business cards and connected with potential customers who don’t need your product or service right now but very possibly could in the future.  promotion

So now what??  How do you follow up and make sure these individuals remember YOU when they do need your product or service?

What if you had a follow up system that reminded potential clients on a regular basis that you’re out there and ready to go.  Well one simple way is by setting up an email marketing program.

Quick notices…ePostcards…eNewsletters…These can be sent out on a regular basis to remind potential clients about your product or service.  You can offer discounts, provide valuable information, make sure they understand why they cannot live without your product!

This process can be set up so it is scheduled to go out automatically AND you can do this without the cost of printing or postage.

Remember, this is not just for potential customers…Email marketing can be used to simply say “hello” to current customers, to offer special discounts, etc…again, reminding them that you are there and available when they need you.

What happens if you don’t advertise?……………….Nothing! While your competition is cutting their marketing budget due to these economic times, take advantage of the void and get your message out there….and consider Email marketing. It is an inexpensive, efficient method of promoting your business.


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Save Money While Promoting Your Business

Don’t you just love the New Year…A new start…A clean slate…Well, it’s time to get down to business, so let’s start saving your business some money!

Need a Logo?

We all know a logo is important for your business…It should appear on EVERYTHING you put out there from your business card and brochures to your emails, blogs, and website. Ultimately, it’s important to work with a graphic designer that can set up your logo in the correct format for print and online purposes, but initially, you can save money if you have a logo concept in mind.  Even if you don’t have a specific design idea, providing your graphic designer with samples of logos you are partial to, colors you prefer, industry standards, etc., can save you time and money.

Email Marketing

Set up a  custom template for your business (using that important logo of course) and communicate your message, special discounts, announcements on a regular basis without the cost of printing and postage.

When you update your blog or your website, send everyone an email and encourage them to visit your site. This increases traffic to your sites and improves Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

For more information about email marketing, visit

Finally, Focus on What You Do Best!

Sometimes the smartest approach is to stay focused on your core competency and hire a professional to help promote your products and services…Initially you might feel you are increasing expenses, but if you are saving TIME to focus on your business, you are also SAVING MONEY!

Happy 2010 – May it be happy, healthy and prosperous!

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