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Graphic Design? Promotion? Not Today!! Holiday Fun Just for You…Enjoy

OK, this post is so far removed from anything to do with graphic design, marketing, promotion, etc., BUT it’s hilarious. I promise to be more professional AFTER the holidays!!!

Now click this link and have a good laugh!

Happy Holidays!


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Expose Yourself through Email Marketing!

You’ve invested in a new website.  You post on your blog. You have SO MUCH to share!!!  You want to say “I’m Here … Notice Me!”

Now what?  What guarantee do you have that visitors will come to your site?

One way to “Expose Yourself”  is via email marketing. Your email promotion should include links to your website and blog…Make it EASY for visitors to find you.

Send out a notice to your address list when your website is launched.

Create a teaser to get viewers to your blog.

Announce it every time you create an update.

RememberTHE MORE TRAFFIC YOU GET TO YOUR BLOG AND WEBSITE, THE GREATER YOUR ONLINE STANDINGS. The search engines will find you and so will many others!"email marketing"

Email marketingAnother valuable item for your marketing toolbox!

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