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What are YOU thankful for?

In our family, if you’re in a negative way, the rule is you have to make a list of things you’re thankful for…Now I hope you’re not on a downer, but my question to you today is “What are you thankful for?”

OK, I’ll start…I’m very thankful for my family, my friends, and my clients who continue to look to Designer Mouse for graphic design and promotion services.

Now it’s your turn. Please leave a comment and let me know both professionally and personally at least one thing you are thankful for…I promise this positive approach will lift your spirits!



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Is Email the New Junk Mail?

It used to be that the abundance of POSTCARDS and FLYERS received in your mailbox was considered JUNK MAIL.  Well now it seems we receive an abundance of EMAIL…to the point where you might be thinking of this as the junk mail of the 21st century!  In fact…that onslaught of  email you receive may make a direct mail piece in your mailbox look pretty good!

Well history tells us that things run in cycles and that includes what’s hot and what’s not in the world of promotion.  I suppose both direct mail and email marketing can be considered junk mail; HOWEVER, with each approach, a well designed marketing piece that is clever, unique, and eye-catching will be a powerful tool for promoting your business.

So whether you select the Direct Mail approach or the Email Marketing approach, just make sure you work with a professional graphic designer to create a promotion that will attract the attention of your future customers!

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Friends Don’t Let Friends Do Their Own Graphic Design Work

Have you ever been handed a business card or brochure that screamed “homemade”?  You know…the one on the lightweight paper with the text that just doesn’t line up? The one decorated with clipart?

How about the website that is an online remake of the company’s brochure or an email that is just text rather than an online eNewsletter?

Regardless of how qualified these individuals are, their promotional materials say “not serious” or “hobby”.

iStock_000008200443XSmallNow the Flip Side…When you receive quality promotional materials, the message is  “experience” – “established” – “knowledgeable” – “credible”.  There is a consistent look between the printed materials, the website, and the email marketing materials. The logo and images are clean and the message is valuable and interesting.

The image you project with your promotional materials can make you appear larger than life…someone worth consideration.  A graphic designer can evaluate your requirements, develop a marketing plan, work within your budget and help you project a professional image.

So…Which message would you rather send…hobby? …or experienced and knowledgeable?

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