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When Graphic Designers Get Bored

What concept would you like to convey? With photo editing, the sky’s the limit. Let your “bored” graphic designer create a great promotion for you!




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The Exotic Language of Graphic Designers

Well, not really “exotic”, but I thought that might catch your eye…The title should really be “Why Do I Need to Hire a Graphic Designer?”

pantBookDo you know what RGB and CMYK are? What is a Gif? A Jpeg?  How come the photo looks great on my computer monitor, but when I print it out, it looks fuzzy?

Graphic Design 101RGB and CMYK are color formulas. RGB (short for red, green, blue) is the color formula for the images you see online, in emails, etc. CMYK stands for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black – Don’t ask me why “K” stands for black…If someone out there in blogland knows, please submit a comment!  Back to the point…CMYK is the ink formula for printing purposes.

Now the gifs and jpegs are file formats…There are others…eps, pdf, ai, bmp…I could go on, but you’d probably move on as well! Just know that each format has it’s purpose…The photo you view online is probably a jpeg file…the gif file format is many times used for a logo, drawing, illustration.

And why does that image look so crisp and clear online and look so fuzzy when you print it? Well, the resolution on website images is at 72 dots per inch (dpi). The image looks great AND displays quickly…If you used a higher resolution file, viewers would lose patience and leave your site before the image downloaded.  The higher resolution file (at least 300 dpi) is what is necessary for print.

So there you have it…or maybe you don’t…which goes back to the secondary title in this post…Why Hire a Graphic Designer? Because this individual will know what color formula, which format and what resolution is needed for your logo design, your brochures, your website and email promotions!


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Email Marketing – How Effective is it? How Do you Know?

If you send out a postcard to promote an event, how many people read it? Who tosses it? How effective is it? How do you know?

With any email marketing program, you can track how many people read your email promotion, who opened it (and who did not), and whether or not it was forwarded to a friend or colleague…Remember, knowledge is POWER!

In addition, you can include links within your email promotion to other sites including your own! This directs additional traffic to your website, increasing your standing on search engines.Apple tree

Finally, email marketing gives you the opportunity to Go Green…Market via email rather than printing and save a tree!

Want more information about email marketing opportunities including templates available and the most effective approach? Visit


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Why Pay for Postage/Printing When You Can Promote Via Email?!

Marketing cycle sketchMarketing your business used to be accomplished mainly through word-of-mouth referrals or the printed piece. Now I have NOTHING against the personal referral. In fact I suspect that is the BEST promotion you can receive….And printed postcards and newsletters can be very powerful as well. The advantage of email marketing is the elimination of printing costs and postage.

Since it takes several hits to get your customers or potential customers to respond, the printed piece needs to be mailed out multiple times to be effective…The same message in email form can provide the same content as the printed piece, include photos, logos, graphs, etc. and color…lots of color…and can be delivered as often as you like…weekly, monthly, etc.

Once you begin your email marketing program, you can use the same template and just change the message or offer. That consistent look allows the viewer to recognize the sender at a glance.

Consult with a professional graphic designer regarding content for your ePostcard or eNewsletter.  The designer knows color and layout and can provide a piece that will save you $$$$$$$$$$$$ and increase your visibility on a regular basis.

Next blog….The ability to track the results and effectiveness of your email marketing program…Stay Tuned!


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