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The Power of the Logo

The Power of the Logo

Branding is so important…Let me drive home this point…Here is a portion of a well known logo…What comes to mind?Logo

Even with just a portion of the logo, you’re hopefully thinking “Coca Cola”.

Here’s another…again…just a portion of the logo. What comes to mind?Y

The power of the logo…even with just a portion of the logo, you know what the product is. Of course that is because these companies put their logo on EVERYTHING from stationery, forms, brochures, signage, website, electronic mailings, fleet vehicles, commercials, etc. The list goes on and on.

If you already have a logo for your business, make sure to maximize the impact by placing it on ALL your promotional materials. And be consistent…The look has to be the same throughout.

If you need a logo, hire a professional that can save your logo in a variety of formats for use in print and electronic media. There are differences in resolution and color formulas between print and electronic media.  Your graphic designer (and I hope that you would consider Designer Mouse Graphic Design) can create a logo with impact and can guide you through the process of placing it on EVERY form of advertising you utilize.

OK, one more test…Hope you’re not hungry!S


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Are Graphic Design Services Negotiable?

This message holds true with any business providing services including the graphic design industry. Would you negotiate the cost of the groceries you are buying? Of course not…Graphic design services provided should be paid for just as you pay for your groceries, clothing, etc.  This video is funny but SO TRUE!


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Who has been edited into this photo?

Designer Mouse Graphic Design offers photo editing…We can add someone, remove someone, get rid of wrinkles, change the venue, edit color, etc.

The day this picture was taken, one person was missing (of course!)  so that individual needed to be added.  The original group photo was taken outdoors. The challenge was adding the individual whose photo was taken indoors. Lighting needed to be adjusted to give the illusion of outdoor lighting.

Now, audience participation…who was added to this photo? I look forward to your comments!

Leadership Orange class photo


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